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May 24 2003

Version 0.2 is available. This versions consists mainly of a rewrite of code that was strongly inspired by code from the LWJGL project. To avoid any further licensing problems, I rewrote the code in question from scratch. In this release I also modified the code to be a bit more robust. When something goes wrong you should get a proper Java exception instead of having the JVM crash in native code. I've also made the code link to OpenAL at runtime instead of at compile time. Hopefully this will allow al4java to work with various OpenAL implementations instead of just the one I use for testing. I haven't implemented this linking code for OSX or Linux yet, so no binaries for those platforms just yet.

May 23 2003

Due to some licensing discussions with the lwjgl people, I've removed the binary downloads for the time being. I'm working on a rewrite from scratch of the affected code. The rewrite is coming along nicely and should be finished this weekend. Too bad it's 90% boilerplate code. Not really a challenge there...

May 04 2003

Set up the initial sourceforge page

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